Genetic Testing in Infertility

Infertility of genetic origin in women and men concerns approx. 30% of couples struggling with the difficulties of conception.

A significant cause of infertility is the patient’s genetic profile. An unfavourable variant of the sequence of genes related to the processes which impact reproductive capacity may lead to increased risk of disturbances and even may make it fully impossible to have children.

A specialist will be able to assess the cause of the problems on the basis of genetic tests and plan adequate medical measures, or in the case of doubt will be able to propose a genetic consultation and additional in-depth diagnostics.


Order the test online in the webshop. Sample collection kit will be delivered at the address given by you. The service is included in the test price.


Collect a saliva sample into the collection kit and then send the kit to the laboratory by courier service. The cost of shipment is included in the test price.


After 14 days, at a maximum, you will be provided the electronic access to your Personalized Genetic Report.

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The Genetic Laboratory has existed since 2001 and is the leader in the area of comprehensive DNA analyses. With its long-standing experience, gained in Poland and in international centres, modern technologies and innovative system of control, we offer to our Customers and Patients the tests of highest quality level.


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