Website regulations

These regulations determine general conditions and way of providing services by electronic means by the group of Invicta companies through the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”).

  1. Definitions
    1. User – each entity using the Website for the benefit of which the Website Administrator provides services.
    2. Regulations – regulations on providing services by the Website Administrator.
    3. Website page – means web pages being a part of the domain through which the Administrator provides services and runs the Website.
    4. Website Administrator – a group of Invicta companies (hereinafter referred to as Invicta), acting as a co-administrator of personal data (Invicta Management Sp. z o.o., Medyczne Laboratoria Diagnostyczne Invicta Sp. z o.o., Klinika Antiaging Invicta Sp. z o.o., Invicta Software Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Sopot (81-740) at 64 Polna Street, Invicta spółka z o.o. with its registered office in Gdansk (80-172), 3 Trzy Lipy Street, tel. 58 58 58 800.
  2. General provisions
    1. To use the Website the User must confirm that he has familiarised himself with the Regulations, accepts them and undertakes to comply with them.
    2. Complaints on work of the Website shall be considered in line with provisions of these Regulations.
  3. Access to the Website
    1. Using the Website is free of charge.
    2. To use the basic Services registration in the Website is not necessary.
    3. The Website Administrator makes all efforts to ensure permanent access to the Website and Services to Users;
    4. The Website Administrator does not guarantee that using the Website will take place without errors and breaks. Additionally, the Administrator reserves the right to suspend or limit access to the Website at any time without informing Users beforehand.
    5. The Website Administrator reserves the right to change, remove and add information, texts and other contents of the Website without informing Users about their introduction beforehand.
    6. The Website Administrator does not bear responsibility for texts and other contents of other websites and portals to which the User may be redirected, using the links available on the Website.
    7. The Administrator shall make efforts to ensure the possibility of using the Website by means of all web browsers, types of devices and Internet connections, operating systems. Minimum technical requirements which allow using the Website freely are as follows:
      • Permanent connection with the Internet with data transmission speed > 1 Mbps
      • JavaScript enabled
      • Internet Explorer in version 10 or higher / Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome in version 58.0.3029.96 or higher / Mozilla Firefox in version 53.02 or higher
  4. Services
    1. The Website Administrator provides the following free of charge services by electronic means for Users:
  1. Information service – providing Users, by the Website Administrator, with information on the services performed by Invicta and fulfilment of requests and notifications of Users
  2. Advertising service – service consisting in issuing advertising materials of own products and services
  • The User may send a request on services and products, proposed by the Website Administrator by filling in the contact form, available on the Website or by calling the number indicated on the Website.
  • After filling in the application form, send a message to the Administrator by means of the Website page. In order to benefit from the service the User fills in the application form and sends it by electronic means to the Administrator together with contact data required. Afterwards, the Administrator contacts the User to perform the Service.
  • Phone calls made by Users at a particular infoline number are monitored and recorded for security reasons, for the purposes of proof and for training purposes or to increase quality of the service for Users.
  • User’s rights and obligations
    • Users are obliged to enter true data.
    • Complete and sole responsibility for truth and correctness of data entered into the Website is borne by the User.
    • The User is entitled to use the Website in a way consistent with the binding law, with respect for intellectual property rights.
    • It is not allowed for Users to deliver illegal contents and for the User to use the Website, Website page or services provided by the Administrator in a way that is inconsistent with the law, decency, violating personal rights of third parties or the Administrator’s interests.
    • Users bear full responsibility for contents shared by them and damage caused as a result of their behaviour inconsistent with the foregoing reservations.
  • Administrator’s responsibility
    • The Website Administrator makes all efforts so that data presented on the website will be complete, up-to-date and true. However, the Website cannot fully guarantee that presented data is free from errors. Therefore, it does not bear any responsibility for consequences of using presented data in making financial decisions by the User.
    • Data published on the Website is intended solely for your information and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of provisions of the Civil Code.
    • The Website Administrator does not bear responsibility for any damage suffered by Users due to a break in access to the Website, caused by: force majeure, erroneous work, failures, including Internet failures, failures of equipment or software owned by the User.
    • The Website Administrator attaches great importance to guaranteeing security while using the Website, but he does not guarantee that the Website will be free from viruses and other elements which may be the reason for damage suffered by the User.
  • Copyrights
    • All rights (including, inter alia, proprietary copyrights, intellectual property rights to the name of the Website, Internet domain, Website page, logotypes, documents, texts, graphics, layout of the website, photos) are owned by the Website Administrator and may be used only in the manner specified in and consistent with the Regulations.
    • Copying, using and disseminating the Website is not allowed.
    • Use of data from the Website for commercial purposes requires a written consent of the Website Administrator each time.
  • Privacy protection
    • Giving any information or sending any documents by the User is completely voluntary.
    • The Website fully respects the right to privacy and protection of personal data of its Users. More information about this is available in the Privacy Policy.
    • If the User agrees, the Website Administrator will contact him to inform about new functions, services or products available on the Website. The User is entitled to resign from obtaining additional information at any time.
    • The Service Administrator stipulates that:
      • he uses the cookies mechanism which, by saving short textual information on the User’s computer, allows identifying him, and in consequence makes it possible to get to know his behaviour, interests, needs, determine his personal preferences and increase quality of the services offered.
      • third parties, under separate agreements, may use the cookies mechanism on the Portal pages.
    • The User can determine conditions for storage or obtainment of access to this information by means of settings of the software used for browsing the website.
    • Statistical data gathered by the Website Administrator may be used for internal analyses conducted for the purpose of improving quality of the services offered by
    • The privacy rules, including information concerning cookie files, are available on the page: Cookies policy.
  • Complaint procedure
    • Complaints about the Services may be filed in writing, in the form of a registered letter, to the Website Administrator’s address.
    • A complaint notification form should indicate a person who files a complaint (first name, last name, residence address,
      e-mail address) and description of an event being the reason for a complaint.
    • Information about a result of complaint procedure shall be provided to the User, by e-mail, within 14 days from a date of receiving a notification form by the Website Administrator.
    • A decision of the Website Administrator with an outcome of complaint procedure is final and not subject to appeal.
  • Final provisions
    • The Website regulations come into force as on 25 May 2018.
    • To matters not governed by the Regulations provisions of the Civil code and other relevant acts shall be applied.
    • Any disputes which may arise from these Regulations shall be settled by the Common court of law having jurisdiction over the Website Administrator’s registered office, and Polish law shall be applied to settle potential disputes.
    • The Website Administrator reserves the right to modify and make other changes of the Regulations at any time, without an obligation to inform Users about this. Using the website is tantamount to acceptance of changes made.
    • Changes made in the Regulations shall be shared on the Website.
    • Changes of the Regulations come into force as on a date of being published on the Website page.