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INVICTA Genetics Laboratory

Quality and reliability without compromise.

Genetics Laboratory has existed since 2001 and is the leader in the area of comprehensive DNA analyses.

With its long-standing experience, gained in Poland and in international centres, modern technologies and innovative system of control, we offer to our Customers and Patients the tests of highest quality level.

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The Laboratory collaborates with hospitals, physicians and research centres while performing ultra-modern tests using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) platform.

The research team of INVICTA has developed a number of unique solutions in the area of diagnostics, including:

  • the first genetic tests based on saliva in Poland, introduced in 2012,
  • the Open Frame Sequencing™ platform, enabling individual design of “made to measure” diagnostics
  • iMGE Test™ – the first test of tissue from miscarriage using NGS technique
  • the first genetic tests of embryos using NGS technique in the world






A comprehensive offer of tests for genetic predispositions and the genetic background of diseases opens brand new possibilities in the area of disease prevention and the treatment of Patients. Innovative diagnostics enables to estimate the possible risk of disease occurrence in a given person, early initiation of measures, and in some cases planning a personalised therapy. Thanks to the focus on the needs of clinicians and the patients under their care we provide services of high significance, which are the solid foundations of effective disease prevention and treatment.

Certificates and control systems

The quality and reliability of results is confirmed by Polish and foreign certificates. The work of the Laboratory is subject to cyclical audits, while the knowledge and abilities of its employees are verified on the on-going basis by external experts.

Comfortable access to results

Our contractors and customers are also offered a convenient and fast test results preview- thanks to the system MediPoint.pl they can obtain the possibility of easy access to important information.

A comprehensive offer

  • The tests for predisposition towards thromboembolism
  • The tests for predisposition towards diseases affecting internal organs (the kidneys, the large intestine, the stomach, the lungs, the ovaries, the breast, the prostate)
  • The diagnostics of female and male infertility due to genetic reasons
  • Genetic diagnostics of urogenital tract infections
  • The diagnostics of bacterial and viral infections, and many others

A Personalized Genetic Report

When performing a genetic test determining the predisposition towards cancer and towards thromboembolism and overpressure, you will receive additional information on the disease entity, tested characteristics and your individual situation in a Genetic Report from the Test, prepared especially for you. Our experts shall also describe the estimate level of risk of contracting the disease and they shall formulate prevention indications as well as practical guidelines, which will allow you to take better care of your health.

The report consists of the following parts:

  • The risk of contracting a disease
  • Practical recommendations and prevention
  • Information on the disease entity
  • Deepened information on the tested markers
  • A table with possible variants of markers for the tested mutations
  • Detailed information on your test result
  • Test result

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